August 16, 2016

Why Stage Your Home?

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  • Staged Homes Sell for More Money

    A study by the National Association of Realtors in 2015 found that staged homes sell for up to 10% more than unstaged homes.

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  • Staged Homes Sell Faster

    A 2015 study in the United States “Consumers Guide to Real Estate Staging”

    by the National Association of Realtors declared that homes that had not been staged before listing sat on the market an average 143 days. Once staged, they sold in 40 days. Homes that were staged before they went on the MLS averaged 23 days on the market.

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  • Staged Homes Stand Out

    The vast majority of home buyers are now doing their research online. As a result, photos and presentation of your house are of utmost importance. A well-presented home will receive far more online interest and show much better than a similar unstaged home.

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  • Home Staging Pays for Itself

    An NRA survey found that a 1–3% investment on home staging will result in a 10% return. That’s bang for your buck!