August 19, 2016

Staging Sevices

  • Home Staging Consultation

    Interested in a complimentary consultation to explore the most effective way to stage your home?  One of our top interior designers will visit the premises and make an assessment using their home staging knowledge and experience. Find out how to qualify here

  • "Interior
  • Interior Design

    Once a home staging strategy has been agreed upon. Our interior designers will transform your living space into a magazine ready home buyer’s dream.

  • Moving and Storage Services
  • Moving and Storage

    Before we stage your home, it may be necessary to remove some of your belongings and keep them stored safely. Turn Around Interiors is happy to connect you to this service! Our experienced stagers will treat your personal items with the utmost care and respect.

  • Home Stage Prep Contractors
  • Minor Repairs and Painting

    Sometimes minor repairs and decorating are needed to maximize your home’s marketing potential. Turn Around Interiors has an extensive list of preferred contractors that can do a great job quickly and at the right price.

  • home staging warehouse
  • Furniture Rental

    Our warehouse is loaded with hand picked beautiful and unique furniture, window and wall coverings, lines and home decor. This provides our Interior Designers with an arsenal of possibilities to suit any space. Are you interested in a complimentary full service home staging package? Find out how to qualify here

  • Nicely Staged Home
  • Staging

    Once the space has been cleared and any necessary minor repairs and decorating have been completed, Our designer and stagers will arrive to turn your home into a home buyers paradise! You may even change your mind about selling!

  • Home Stage Tear Down
  • Staging Tear Down

    Our team will remove any Turn Around Interiors furniture and can help you get things back to the way you really live